Cold Day

January 3, 2009

Today it’s not even 60 degrees here. It’s cloudy and threatening rain. I am baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and I also made fudge! Feeling a little bit like Susie Homemaker or something.. lol

I started a new kind of diet plan about 2 weeks ago. I lost 5 pounds but then gained 2 back because I made stuffing and pigged out for two days on it! ha ha Now I’m making cookies. Gee, do you think I’m trying to sabotage myself or what??

My daughter moved to Prescott AZ which is up in Northern Arizona where it snows. She loves it. I want to go and see her soon. She came up for the weekend after Christmas and it was wonderful having her here.

We had some Christmas Drama. But it’s all better for now. I went to alot of Alanon meetings and they sure helped me.

We rearranged the living room yesterday and T. actually let me move in a real important piece of my Mom’s furniture into the house. It made me cry. It was one of the sweetest things she has done for me and meant a lot. My feelings are up and down right now. It’s almost the anniversary of T’s Mom’s death. 2 years. I can’t believe it. Then we don’t have anymore stupid death anniversaries for awhile Thank God. I’m so sick of all of it. But I’m trying to be compassionate and patient 🙂

We just watched a couple of hours of Elvis on TV which was interesting. . Now Poltergeist is on. I’m online playing with my friends at E online.

Isn’t it sad about John Travolta’s son?? I feel so bad for them. How horrible.

My cell phone charger is no longer working so I have to transfer all the phone numbers out of it manually and get a new phone. I’ll be so happy when my contract is up. No more cell phone for me until I’m working again. Too expensive.

Hope you all are doing well, I’ll get around and read you when I can. If I don’t comment it’s because I can’t. I’ll be able to comment maybe once a week from T’s computer. Otherwise I can comment back here to you…


9 Responses to “Cold Day”

  1. wildwesty said


    sorry I couldn’t get by here sooner, but I can’t “multi-task” on my mom’s computer and my own computer is having issues….of all times!! lol I’m blogging primarily on blogger.

    I arrived safe at my folks home. I wish we could visit but unfortunately we are still not “just around the corner” from each other 😦


  2. greeneyes67 said

    I know Dorrie, it would be awesome if we could. I can’t blog or comment on blogger from my laptop so I’ll be updated sometimes there and reading mostly here. I can comment and post here so I’ll be here mostly. Making new friends I suppose. But life goes on right?? Hope all goes well with your visit.

  3. kate said

    It’s so nice catching up with everything. I’ve really missed you, and your sunset pics (and of the lake, and the kitties, lol)
    Hard to believe it’s been two years since T’s mom passed – I remember that!
    Hope you’re having a nice Saturday. *hugs*

  4. greeneyes67 said

    Thanks Kate, it’s been nice reading you too. I just miss commenting. I will be able to do it about once a week probably on the desktop. Maybe more 😉

  5. hsack said

    Just stopping by to say hello to a fellow Journalspace refugee. 🙂

  6. Doug said

    Can you make sure you have javascript enabled? And what about Flash? Either one installs pretty quickly. Flash is a pain because a lot of crap uses it, but javascript and/or ActiveX is needed for almost anything useful on the web. Maybe your security settings are set too high.

    Anyway, careful with the cookies, and have a great Sunday, GE!

  7. greeneyes67 said

    Doug, it is my javascript and flash player. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times. My settings have been fixed but for some reason my computer still thinks they are disabled. Nobody can figure it out. I am baffled. I can only watch videos in HTML. I can’t see any of the buttons that say post because of the java,flash issue. It’s really annoying. Oh well, maybe when I take a computer class I will figure out the programming. It’s very annoying.

  8. Sammi said

    ooooo I can’t watch all of Poltergeist! *hides under the covers*

  9. SiouxMaiden said

    Just stopping by to say hello.
    Its nice seeing another familiar face around here!

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