Pretty Good Day

January 1, 2009

We spent last night alone which was actually really amazing. We watched fireworks from our back patio as the new year rolled in. Fireworks are pretty vivid here in the desert, it’s pitch black out over the lake so you can see them very clearly.

I feel kind of yucky today. I slept until Noon and then slept some more. It’s PMS and my iron is low again. Nothing new. I was going to Phoenix tomorrow but not now. Change of plans with my daughter moving. She is moving to Prescott Arizona. It’s not really any further away for us to visit but I’m sad I won’t be able to visit in Phoenix and stay with her anymore.

T. is playing Guitar Hero and I’m watching her. That’s about it. Not sure I know as much as I can about this wordpress thingy but I’m checking it out. I wish I could do blogspot but I can’t. Sorry to all my friends there, I cannot comment. I will be dropping by though.

I like that I can see who’s visited me here though. It’s like JS that way. I miss you all tons still. 😦